Tania Freedman

Hi Dustin,

I know you’ve called a few times, and I’ve been so busy that I wasn’t able to respond until now.

First, I’m so happy with the car! It’s funny….it’s like finding love. When I bought my Honda Fit, it was love at first sight. When I bought the Sportage, it was perfect “on paper” but I didn’t have the same feeling. However, since then, I realized my love for this car has grown each day, and now, when I look at it, I feel the love! I have also ended up loving the colour, too. I know that I tried to say that I didn’t want that black hood protector thing when I was negotiating, but I’m SO glad you talked me into it. It really makes a difference in the “sporty” look of the car, and when I’ve seen models that don’t have it, they don’t look as nice.

It’s been a pleasure to drive, and that includes a long highway/country drive last weekend. I do have to finesse the seat adjustments – my ponytail is hitting the headrest in almost every position – but I was researching it online, and apparently this is the new government standard. Not designed for people with excellent posture!

You’ll be happy to hear that my son loves it and appreciates that I took the time to select a car that makes him comfortable in the back seat.

Finally, thank you for the lovely buying experience. Since I got the car, many people have asked me where I bought it, and I’ve been happy to tell them and make a recommendation.

I might be back before the winter to get the rubber floor mats and the trailer hitch for the bikes.


Tania Freedman