Lifetime Engine Warranty

Plaza Auto Group Lifetime Engine Warranty is included at no additional cost on New* and Pre-Owned** Vehicles purchased at Plaza Kia

Service your vehicle at Plaza Kia to maintain The Plaza Auto Group Lifetime Engine Warranty coverage!

The Lifetime Engine Warranty Program is very simple to understand: maintain your vehicle at any Plaza Auto Group dealership according to the dealership’s specifications and your coverage will be maintained against unforeseen engine failure for as long as you own your vehicle.

It is important that you understand and follow the dealership’s scheduled maintenance services for normal usage maintenance, and for severe usage maintenance if applicable, as this will affect the warranty status for your manufacturer’s warranty as well as the Lifetime Engine Warranty program.

These maintenance schedules are available in your owner’s manual that came with your vehicle or it can be found on the manufacturer’s website or contact us for more information. The Lifetime Engine Warranty is in addition to any manufacturer warranty coverage your vehicle may include.

Lifetime Engine Warranty Qualifying Vehicles:

* New Vehicles (New vehicle exclusions include electric and hybrid vehicles.

** Pre-owned Vehicles (Pre-owned vehicle exclusions include vehicles sold “As Is” or with very high mileage, vehicles purchased for business or commercial use, taxi and ride hailing service use, luxury, sport and high performance vehicles, electric vehicles and hybrids, Additional vehicle use exclusions apply.

The Plaza Auto Group Lifetime Engine Warranty is exclusively offered, at no additional cost, on new and pre-owned vehicles for sale at: