Kia EV in 2023

Kia EV in 2023

For 2023, Kia is looking to once again aim for the top of the pack when it comes to the sheer amount of hybrid, plug-in hybrid and full-electric vehicles they’re offering. Here’s a brief look at what the electrified Kia line-up looks like for 2023.

Kia EV6

This handsome four-door hatch makes a return for 2023, doing so in an even more electrifying way with the addition of the GT model which will deliver 576 horsepower as well as adaptive suspension. The EV6 GT is looking to make it’s mark not just as a practical EV, but as a powerful one as well. Look for a driving range of up to 373 km in the non-GT long-range model.

Kia Niro

While the EV6 is getting a new trim for 2023, the Niro is getting an all-new model with futuristic styling and up to 180 hp from the plug-in variant (there is also a standard hybrid choice) as well as a full-EV version. The PHEV variant should also be able to cruise for over 50 km in all-EV mode. Inside, look for a futuristic digitized dash. The EV provides AWD and a range of 407 km.

Kia Sportage HEV and PHEV

For the first time ever, we’re going to be seeing not just a hybrid Sportage, but a plug-in hybrid variant as well as Kia’s popular compact crossover enters an all-new generation. The PHEV version is good for up to 51 km of all-EV driving, coupled with the power of a turbocharged 1.6-litre four-cylinder engine that provides 177 hp and 195 pound-feet of torque and it also gets standard AWD.

Kia Sorento HEV and PHEV

The Sorento beat its smaller Sportage sibling to the punch by getting an all-new design for 2022, and at the same time adding a PHEV and HEV powertrain. We’re seeing both again for 2023, with the PHEV version providing up to 51 km of range, just like the smaller Sportage. That’s no small trick, considering the Sorento can pack more cargo and has more interior occupant room.