How the Kia AWD System Works

Kia AWD System Works

Kia's AWD systems are designed to manage and deliver power distribution to all four wheels with the utmost precision. It provides better traction in all seasons, from winter's slippery conditions to summer's spirited driving experiences on dry roads. Featured models also have the Auto Lock feature that distributes torque evenly in steep-grade, off-road environments.

Here, we explain how Kia's advanced AWD systems work for you.

Benefits of Kia's AWD

Before we discuss Kia's AWD features, it is important to understand when AWD is advantageous over FWD or RWD systems. This is especially important if you are considering an AWD vehicle for the first time.

The main purpose of AWD is to sense wheel slippage (spin) and distribute power to other wheels that will produce the best traction. This is especially helpful in wet, snowy, icy, and other road conditions. Even on dry roads, tire slippage may occur due to peak performance, debris or other elements, so AWD can play a role on any road. FWD and RWD vehicles distribute power between only two wheels on the same axle, which makes AWD advantageous since all wheels can be used to improve traction.

Getting started in Kia's Auto Mode

KIa's AWD drive function requires virtually no intervention between the driver and vehicle. Most AWD Kia models enter into AWD Auto Mode when the vehicle is started. There are no buttons to push, so drivers can focus on driving and let the system work for them. To increase fuel efficiency, the system defaults all power to one axle until it senses the remaining wheels need power to improve traction.

Kia's AWD Auto Lock Mode

Some Kia models include a special AWD mode designed for steep grades and off-road driving. When initiated, Auto Lock Mode sends an equal amount of torque to all four wheels. This maximizes traction in terrain and steep grades. The system remains active until the vehicle goes above 19 mph. This operating range is effective in many situations and environments throughout Canada. It is also useful when the vehicle becomes stuck in mud or other elements.

Auto Lock Mode is turned off by exceeding 19 mph or by conveniently pressing a button.

Kia continues to offer some of the best AWD technology in the market. Contact our dealership today to schedule a test drive and learn more about how an AWD Kia can serve your driving needs.