Here are Some of the Safety Technologies Found in Kia Vehicles

Safety Technologies in Kia Vehicles

Kia vehicles are some of the safest on Canadian roads due to their numerous advanced safety and driver assistance systems that keep an eye on the safety of everyone on board.

The Blind Spot Collision Avoidance Assist

Many new Kia models are equipped with this technology that helps prevent collisions with vehicles that are in the next lane. By using rear-facing sensors, this system can detect vehicles that are in the blind spot and thus invisible to the driver. When this is the case, an orange light in the corresponding side mirror lights up to warn the driver. If at the same time, the turn signal is activated on the same side, the light blinks, and a warning noise is emitted to alert the driver. If the Kia vehicle starts to change lanes when there is a car in the blind spot, the system can also apply the brakes to the opposite side wheels in order to drag the car back in its lane and avoid contact with the other vehicle.

The 360-degree surround view monitor

This complete camera system is available on most Kia models and it includes three cameras in addition to the standard rear-view camera found in every new Kia. This system makes it possible to see clearly all around the vehicle during parking maneuvers which makes it safer. Indeed, this system allows the driver to see small children, animals, or objects that could be hidden from view when looking out of the windows and the mirrors. This can prevent injuries and damage to the vehicle while also making it less stressful to park in a busy or tight space.

The forward collision warning with intersection support

One of the latest technologies to make it to Kia vehicles is the forward collision warning with intersection support. This feature builds upon the regular forward collision warning system found in most Kia models by making it able to detect a potential collision that could happen while turning left through an unprotected intersection.